Montag, Dezember 04, 2006

Winterausgabe des TOS
Wie der grün leuchtende Werbebanner schon anzeigt, ist die Winterausgabe der Zeitschrift The Objective Standard erschienen. Für alle Leser zugänglich ist dieses Mal der Artikel No Substitute for Victory von John Lewis. Blogger Medworth hält folgenden Absatz für besonders wichtig:

It is vital that Americans take this action for the right moral reasons, openly stated. We must not seek legitimacy for the removal of the Iranian Islamic State beyond the principle of our right to defend ourselves. To pretend that something more than this principle is needed would be to deny the sufficiency of the principle. To base our reasons on the alleged good of others, especially on any alleged benefits to the people of the Middle East, would be to accept a position of moral dhimmitude: the moral subordination of our right to life and self-defense to an allegedly higher principle. It would be to subordinate our lives to the lives of the ayatollahs—who would become our masters. If we cannot stand on the principle of our right to life and liberty against the Islamic Totalitarians’ claim that we must submit to the will of “Allah,” then we cannot claim the right to exist. America’s “weakness of will” is the jihadists’ great hope—as it was the hope of Japanese warriors—but it is something they cannot impose on us. Their only prayer is that we will accept it voluntarily. The price for doing so is our lives and the lives of our children. We must not submit. (Bold emphasis mine.)

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