Mittwoch, November 08, 2006

Peter Schwartz on Libel and Free Speech
Rebirth of Reason zitiert Aussagen von Peter Schwartz, die dieser auf einer Konferenz des ARI gemacht hat, und wo er begründet, dass etwa üble Nachrede nicht durch die Meinungsfreiheit gedeckt ist:

"Free speech for adults should be absolute. And the only so-called exception to them [sic] are cases where, if you think about it, involve action. They involve the initiation of force against someone, such as libel, where you are taking somebody's reputation by fraud, which is just a sub-category of force, and you are stealing it. You're saying: He's a convicted criminal and therefore should not be hired for a job, or whatever, when in fact it isn't true. You are stealing his reputation, and stealing the effects of that reputation from him, and you should therefore be held liable for that. But that is not speech."

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