Dienstag, November 07, 2006

Peikoff an gay marriage
Blogger Oakes zitiert aus einem Vortrag von Leonard Peikoff, wo dieser sich zum Status einer gleichgeschlechtlichen Ehe äußert (er scheint die Ehe zwischen gleichgeschlechtlichen Partnern abzulehnen, gibt aber keine überzeugende Begründung für diese Meinung ab):

A marriage is a public declaration to a society that you two are to be treated as one. And the state is properly involved in granting such a status because it is a - in significant part - a legal relationship. There is the marriage contract that you sign. And the state has every right - let me say, counter to the libertarians - to decide who should be able to sign this type of contract. I do not think for instance if a uncle and his two 12-year-old nieces come in and say "We want to get married," the state should say "Well contracts are private, here's a marriage license." Even if consenting adults - if two women and a man come in, I think the state has a perfect justification. Or if two men come in - I don't believe in gay marriage. I believe that it's proper - since this is a special state-sanctioned relationship - that some standards be applied in the granting of this type of license.

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