Donnerstag, November 09, 2006

Nachruf auf eine große Wahldebatte
Zur großen objektivistischen Wahldebatte nach der Wahlempfehlung von Leonard Peikoff macht Lindsay Perigo nach einmal seinen Standpunkt klar, und ich stimme ihm zu, dass Leonard Peikoff wie auch Diana Mertz Hsieh durch ihre Argumentationsweise dem Objektivismus einen Bärendienst erwiesen haben. Diana hat mittlerweile auch ihre Kritikerin Betsy Speicher aus ihrem Forum verbannt! Philip Coates kommentiert diesen Vorgang:

When you ban/silence/purge someone in this manner who has not themselves done anything wrong and wants to work with you, be your ally in spreading Objectivism and with whom you share a worldview and a philosophy, you cause further schisms and hard feelings and you limit your chances of working with them in the future or of them helping you. And you make bystanders and observers wonder about your sense of fairness and your judgment.

Betsy Speicher hat in einem Kommentar in der NoodleFood-Kommentarsektion noch einmal etwas Grundsätzliches zu dieser Debatte festgestellt, das ich an diesen Stelle zitieren möchte:

In my 44 years as an outspoken Objectivist and partisan in many disputes, sometimes my position has been the unpopular one. Yet there is one principle that has guided me to succeed in my personal life when so many other Objectivists have failed and to remain loyal to Ayn Rand's philosophy when others have disowned it.


It's not WHO's right, but WHAT's right. It is not who said it, but whether it is TRUE. It is not who or how many people agree with you, but whether you are RIGHT.

If you don't really understand a matter well enough, don't take a side. If you are wrong, change course the minute you see your error. When you know you are right, fight like a tiger and never betray reality nor your own judgment.

Rational people can and do disagree about crucial matters, but REALITY IS ALWAYS THE WINNING SIDE.

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